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Sponsor an Event

Our sponsors make a difference.  We make them proud.


Your sponsorship of a motorcycle event means that these events become cost-free, and all fees raised can therefore go directly to preventing accidents and supporting fallen riders.
In exchange for this invaluable support, IFRRF will recognize and applaud our sponsors with:
  • Your name, logo, bio and support on our website, both before the event and after
  • Creation and dissemination of a press release announcing your support
  • Your logo and sponsorship on all tickets and confirmations
  • Signage at the event
  • Your marketing materials and promotional items displayed and/or sold at the event
  • Event staff will wear any branded clothing or articles you provide
Your event sponsorship will also include you in a group of esteemed and respected IFRRF supporters, including:
Larry “Spiderman“ McBride has piloted the fastest vehicles in the world, including the “Rocket Bike, the quickest electric vehicle as of May 4th, 2012.  A NEDRA world record-holder and the first rider to break 200 MPH in the quarter mile Mr. McBride was also the first to break into the 6 seconds bracket with an electric vehicle and the first to break into the 5-second bracket on a fuel powered motorcycle. 
Larry became a friend of IFRRF in our earliest days, and continues to offer not only financial support, but also invaluable personal support and guidance – to our Foundation and to our fallen riders.