You can help a fallen rider recover from serious accident and injury.


You can help a family survive a loved one’s accident or death.
Surviving a motorcycle accident has been compared to surviving combat: the victim suffers PTSD-like symptoms that can require years of medical attention and therapy.  
The financial aspect of recovering from a motorcycle accident can be just as challenging as the physical aspect.  Physical trauma almost always leads to financial burdens that can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt. 
These burdens impact not just an accident victim, but his or her entire family as well.  
And IFRRF can be their only source of support.
Your contribution makes all the difference.
IFRRF is financed entirely through contributions like yours.  By purchasing our merchandise, sponsoring an event, or making a donation, you contribute directly to riders and their families who are recovering from a severe motorcycle accident.  
Thank you for your support.



“The support of friends and fans is what keeps me going when times are difficult. Please join me in caring for victims of motorcycle accidents.”